Purchase A Refrigeration Case That Can Be Used To Display Seafood

Posted on: 29 May 2020

If you plan on having the best seafood selection in town, a poor display could hinder your sales. Owning a refrigeration unit that contains accessories that will highlight and preserve various types of seafood delicacies will attract people to your seafood department.

Purchase A New Or A Used Case

A horizontal case may have recessed lighting that is located along the interior top or sides of the case. There are also cases that use LED light tubes, which will produce a bright beam of focused light. Because seafood often includes a vast array of fish, mollusks, and sea creatures that are brightly colored, strategically placing the fish and other seafood specialties may entice your targeted audience.

If you are going to be purchasing a new unit, inquire about the wattage of the bulbs that are in the case and the type of maintenance that will be required to keep the case operating efficiently. A used case will require a more extensive inspection. While assessing a case, look for signs of damage to the interior and exterior of the case. Make sure that there is no visible mold or staining, either along the surface where the seafood will be displayed or on the base or top of the structure.

Glass should be scratch-free and each pane of glass should be properly sealed. This will ensure that warm air does not enter the refrigeration case, which could affect the freshness of the seafood. With either a new or a used case, take note of the manufacturer so that you can purchase replacement parts when needed. The main components that may need to be replaced are the LED bulbs, glass panes, and door seals. 

Have A Backup Plan

Your refrigeration case will be used daily, which could increase the likelihood that some parts will need to be replaced on occasion. Have a plan in mind to reduce the waste of fresh seafood and to keep your customers appeased. Additionally, take efforts to preserve the condition of the case. Store surplus seafood inside of a freezer unit that is inside the pantry area that you utilize for your seafood department.

Rotate fresh fish regularly and offer reduced prices prior to changing out the display and adding a new batch of fresh seafood to the case. On days that the case will be serviced by a technician, schedule the upgrades during hours that your grocery store will not be open to the public.

If a light or a seal will need to be replaced and it will affect the overall display, utilize the other sections of the case for the time being. Most replacement parts can be installed quickly, but if your technician will need more time to complete an upgrade, having a clean, empty area for the technician to complete the upgrades in will be appreciated. Contact a company that sells products like supermarket refrigeration case parts to learn more.