Reasons To Replace A Supermarket Case's Bumpers

Posted on: 26 May 2023

If you run any type of business that has supermarket cases, whether it's a supermarket itself, a cafeteria-style eatery, or another business that sells food, the upkeep of these cases will be important. Regular upkeep, which can include replacing certain parts of the cases when needed, will ensure that these devices run smoothly and look their best. Many supermarket cases are equipped with bumpers, which are mounted to the lower half of the case to prevent damage from contact with shopping carts, wheelchairs, and other objects. Here are three reasons that you may need to replace a supermarket case's bumpers.


Occasionally, the bumpers on one or more of your supermarket cases can become damaged. Bumpers are made of different materials. While those that are made of steel are fairly resistant to damage, they can still get dented over time. Bumpers that are made of plastic or rubber can sustain damage a little more easily. When a bumper is damaged, it may not do a proper job of protecting the case itself. This is a good time to replace the bumper so that you'll be confident about its ability to do its job.

Dated Appearance

Supermarket cases can last a very long time, especially if you maintain them properly. If you have an older case, you might find that the bumpers have begun to look dated. For example, if the case is equipped with white rubber bumpers, the rubber may have yellowed significantly over the years. You may reach a point at which you feel the bumpers look dated and have a detrimental effect on the appearance of the case as a whole. Replacing the bumpers will do a good job of giving any older cases more of a contemporary look.

Mismatched Look

It may also be necessary to replace the bumpers on some or all of your supermarket cases to ensure that they all match. If you've acquired different cases at different times, there's a good chance that the bumpers from one unit won't be a visual match with the bumpers from another unit — even if the cases themselves have a similar design. Rather than endure this haphazard look, you can replace the bumpers on several or even all of the cases to ensure that they match. This will help to give the units a tidy, professional appearance. Contact a supermarket case parts supplier for more information about replacement bumpers.