Tips For Choosing A Washer Based On Priorities

Posted on: 6 August 2021

Choosing a washing machine can be a big project. Since there is no one best model for everyone, the unit you choose should depend on what your priorities are. Those priorities could be related to washer performance, price, environmental concerns, or other aspects of buying and using a clothes washer.

Here are some tips for choosing a washer based on different priorities.

1. Noise level

Choosing a washing machine for a small house can make noise levels a very important consideration. For example, you may have a washing machine hookup in a closet in your kitchen, or in a laundry room that doubles as an entryway and mudroom. In these situations, you'll want to look for a quiet washer that won't disrupt your household activities.

To find a quiet washer, you can check the product information for the typical decibel level of the unit, and check online reviews to see if it's as quiet as it claims. In addition, you can look for a machine that uses a pulse rather than a spin cycle for draining purposes.

2. Sanitation

Some households need superb clothes cleaning on a regular basis, whether because of allergies or just very high soil levels. If you're concerned about getting your clothes extra clean, your washer choice can be very important here too. Look for a washer that has a sanitize cycle, a steam setting, or an allergy cycle. These are all designed to help clean clothes better and remove more contaminants.

3. Eco-friendliness

Eco-friendly clothes washers can help you lower your ecological footprint, feel great about your life choices, and, in some cases, save money. For example, an HE (high efficiency) model can use less energy, less hot water, and less detergent to clean your clothes, which can help you save money on detergent and utilities.

In addition to choosing an HE model, you can look for a washer that has an Energy Star label and the WaterSense logo. These mean that the unit has low energy use and low water use, respectively.

4. Easy maintenance and cleaning

Some washers can be onerous to clean and maintain. If you've had one like that in the past, you may want to prioritize choosing an easy-to-clean washer this time. You can look for one that doesn't have a deep spin basket so that wiping it out won't be hard on your back, and one that has a self-clean cycle for hands-off maintenance.

These tips can help you find the best clothes washer for your situation, whether your priorities are environmental, budgetary, convenience-based, or something else. Check out your local appliance showroom to view and compare different models of clothes washers.